First try at poetry in a while

Hello Z.R. friends!

I thought I’d add my poem to the blog since we agreed to try to keep each other motivated. I so appreciated the kind words Sally and Kathy gave on my first attempt at poetry in a while. Anyway, I will post more if the mood strikes me and if I think it’s even worth sharing it. ha! But thank you anyway. It was very encouraging since it’s been so long.


This unrequited love never fails to knock me speechless;
A hollow drum for a chest.
An empty tea-kettle for a head which no one will bother to fill for the guest that never shows.
My limbs are lead.
Why should they move when you never do?

A minnow in the waves, always swimming but never going anywhere.
You do this to me.
You lock me in this middle
only to exist.
A somebody for nobody.
A once sparkling,
once upon a time
has become the story of us
Dulled from never opening the book.

Outwardly, paralyzed.
But inside
I sprint!
I claw!
I batter!
I scream out all the air in my lungs!
I ache and bleed.
I pine desperately for you to wake me.
But pining is just that and never will be anything more.

One response to “First try at poetry in a while”

  1. Thanks for posting this Christine. It’s great to see it on “paper.”

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