Is this any good?

Another attempt at a poem. Just felt something and needed to get it on paper. Missed you ladies last week! Hope I get to see you next month!

Your Torture

And here you are again.
Making my heart beat faster, harder for nothing.
And here I am again.
Hanging on the words you never say.
Your torture.
You’re torture.
How can I not read between those lines of silence?

You smile so impassioned with indifference.
And my heart snags on the corner of your lips
bleeding out everything that keeps me going until
I am left
with only
a drop
and I cling to it to survive
waiting for the end
so we can start again.

3 responses to “Is this any good?”

  1. Ouch! Love the ending–you really evoke that feeling of an endless cycle of hurting and hoping…all of us have been there.

  2. The language is so physical that I really felt that pain!

  3. thanks, sally. i was being a little mellow-dramatic when i wrote it. 🙂

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