June 7th 2012 Bits of Business

Writing Group Business–June 7th 2012 Meeting:

1) Check how long everyone can stay before starting.

2) Pass out print copy of phone/email list.

3) When everyone is here: I NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE for Rosemary!! Don’t let me forget, ok?? Thanks for being willing, she would love to see our group.

4)Decide on date for July Meeting–keep it at July 5th? (First Thursday of July.)

5)April’s blog–if you want to give feedback, you can comment or post on here (April is not a member of this blog).  Or you can send me your comments in email–or if there’s any time left and anyone has comments, we can talk about it briefly at the end.

6)Question–would people be comfortable with any Savannah Zona Rosans joining this blog? What about Rosemary Daniell? Again, we can discuss this at the end, or just give me your comments. It’s of course fine with me if we don’t want to open it up to non-A2 Sub Rosa members, and of course, they would understand. We may not be at a stage of comfort where we can share with people we don’t all know.

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