April’s Blog: One of our Sister Writers in Zona Rosa, Savannah GA

My friend April (aka Blissom Booble–with an accent on the e) has asked if I would see if any of the Ann Arbor Zona Rosans would be interested in giving feedback on her blog. Note: she has just shown this to me, though we have been friends for a year (since last year’s ZR retreat in Savannah, July 31st– August 6th–see HOME).  I didn’t get a chance to hear her read her work out there, so this is the first I’ve seen of her writing.

She generously drove me to the airport at the end of the week-long retreat, and we shared a quintessentially Southern lunch of  fried chicken on the way. She had on a simple shortie jumpsuit similar to the ones the boys wore in Sound of Music, and it showed off  her spectacular Shirley MacLaine gams to perfection.

She is shy about her writing. I am delighted that she is sharing her blog and has also asked for feedback from the group. She is also a wonderful editor–she edited one of my short stories this past year in an elegant and enlightening manner. She was the one who first suggested to me that I should try to write in the First Person POV, and that promptly became my narrative (prose) style.

Here’s her blog:


If you have any comments for April, please share here, or let me know in email. (I will put it in the blogroll for now since I haven’t figured out how to link it within the post.)

See you soon!

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